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The Larimer County Sheriff's Department serves as the primary law enforcement agency for Larimer County, Colorado. This local sheriff's office is committed to providing safety services to its residents and is responsible for maintaining law and order across the county, protecting property, and preventing crime.

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Contact Information

The Larimer County Sheriff's Office can be contacted through various mediums. For non-emergency communication, you may reach them at the following:

For emergency situations, always dial 911.

Please note that the office hours for non-emergency services are typically Monday to Friday, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. However, it's always best to confirm this directly with the department.

Larimer County Arrest Warrants Search

Active arrest warrants in Larimer County are served by the sheriff's department. If you're seeking information on active arrest warrants or want to perform a Larimer County warrant lookup, you can do so through the Larimer County Sheriff's Office website. This online portal provides a search feature that allows residents to perform an arrest records search, providing insights into any existing warrants.

In addition, the sheriff's office maintains a most wanted list, which features individuals who have active arrest warrants against them. It's important to remember that if you come across someone on this list, you should not attempt to apprehend them but instead inform the sheriff's office.

Criminal Records and Background Checks

The Larimer County Sheriff's Office also provides access to criminal records and background checks through the Colorado Bureau of Investigation (CBI) records check system. By using this system, one can verify if an individual has any criminal history in Colorado.

Please note that some records might be restricted under the law, and others may require consent from the individual in question. There may also be a nominal fee to access these records.

Sex Offender Registry

The Sex Offender Registry is another important public safety tool managed by the sheriff's office. You can access the Larimer County Sex Offender Registry through the sheriff's office website. This information is made available to protect public safety and awareness. It is strictly prohibited to use this information to harass or intimidate individuals.

Bail Bonds

The Larimer County Sheriff's Office works with licensed bail bond agencies. When an individual is arrested, they may post bail if allowed by the court. A bail bonds agency can help in these situations by providing the required amount to secure the release of the individual from jail.

Larimer County Police Departments

Aside from the sheriff's office, there are multiple local police departments that also provide law enforcement services in Larimer County. These include:

  • Fort Collins Police Services
  • Loveland Police Department
  • Estes Park Police Department

You can contact these departments directly for any specific questions related to their jurisdiction. Always remember to use the appropriate contact method based on the urgency and nature of your situation.

Through collaboration and partnership, the Larimer County Sheriff's Office and local police departments maintain a secure and peaceful community for all residents of Larimer County.

Services Offered by the Larimer County Sheriff’s Office

The Larimer County Sheriff's Office provides a comprehensive array of public safety services to maintain a safe community in Larimer County. In addition to law enforcement, the office offers various other services:

Crime Prevention

The Larimer County Sheriff's Department proactively works to prevent crime in the area. They offer crime prevention tips, security surveys for homes and businesses, neighborhood watch programs, and various community outreach programs.

Victim Assistance

The Larimer County Sheriff's Department provides assistance to victims of crime. Their Victim Advocates Program aims to minimize the impact of crime through providing immediate support and resources to victims.

Emergency Services

The Sheriff’s Office also oversees the county’s emergency management efforts, including planning, response, and recovery related to natural disasters and large-scale emergencies.

Involvement with the Community

The Larimer County Sheriff's Department takes an active role in community engagement and outreach. They organize numerous events throughout the year that provide residents the opportunity to meet and interact with their local law enforcement officers. These events often include safety education programs, community meetings, school visits, and various charitable causes.

The Sheriff’s Office also operates the Citizens Police Academy, a program designed to provide residents with a better understanding of police work and to foster relationships between the community and law enforcement.

Records and Warrants Division

The Records and Warrants Division of the Larimer County Sheriff's Office handles all records, warrants, and civil process within the county. This division maintains and disseminates criminal justice records, including crime reports, arrest records, and active arrest warrants. If you need to perform a Larimer County warrant lookup or an arrest records search, you can contact this division for assistance.

Online Services

The Larimer County Sheriff's Office provides numerous online services for the convenience of residents. These include an online crime reporting system, a crime map, a Larimer County warrant lookup tool, and an online portal for paying traffic tickets. The sheriff's office website also provides regular news and updates to keep the public informed about recent events and safety concerns.

Volunteer and Employment Opportunities

The Larimer County Sheriff's Department offers a variety of opportunities for residents to get involved, either through volunteering or employment.

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteering with the Sheriff's Department can be a rewarding experience. Volunteers serve in a variety of roles, such as working in the Victim's Advocacy unit, assisting with administrative duties, participating in search and rescue operations, and even acting as reserve deputies. For those interested in learning more about these opportunities, visit the Volunteer Opportunities page on the Sheriff's Department website.

Employment Opportunities

For those interested in a career in law enforcement, the Larimer County Sheriff's Office regularly posts job openings on their website. Opportunities can range from administrative roles to sworn positions like deputy sheriff. The Sheriff's Department provides comprehensive training to its staff and offers competitive benefits. Current job openings can be found on the Employment Opportunities page on the Sheriff's Department website.

Other Notable Divisions and Units

The Larimer County Sheriff's Office consists of several other divisions and units that work together to provide comprehensive law enforcement services. Some of these include:

Patrol Division

The Patrol Division is responsible for responding to calls for service, enforcing traffic laws, and maintaining general peace and order in the county.

Investigations Division

The Investigations Division handles follow-up investigations of criminal offenses. They also oversee the crime scene unit and manage cases involving narcotics and organized crime.

Special Operations

The Special Operations Division coordinates the Sheriff's Office's efforts in areas such as search and rescue, emergency services, and the K-9 unit.

Community Resource Unit

The Community Resource Unit is responsible for crime prevention efforts and community outreach. They offer various programs and services aimed at promoting public safety and building strong relationships between the Sheriff's Department and the community.

Collaborations with Other Agencies

The Larimer County Sheriff's Office collaborates with several local, state, and federal agencies to provide the highest level of law enforcement services. These collaborations include working closely with local police departments, the Colorado State Patrol, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

These cooperative efforts enable the Sheriff's Department to effectively respond to complex crime situations, manage emergencies, and maintain a safe and secure environment for the residents of Larimer County.

Transparency and Accountability

The Larimer County Sheriff's Office upholds the values of transparency and accountability in all its operations. It believes in the importance of keeping the public informed about its activities and in maintaining a high degree of professionalism and integrity.

Public Records Request

In accordance with Colorado law, the Sheriff's Office provides public access to certain law enforcement records. These may include arrest records, incident reports, and other records related to the department's law enforcement activities. Requests for these records can be made online through the Public Records Request page on the Sheriff's Office website.

Internal Affairs

The Sheriff's Office has an Internal Affairs unit dedicated to ensuring the integrity of the department. They are responsible for investigating complaints or allegations of misconduct against employees of the Sheriff's Office. This includes any alleged violation of department policy, local ordinances, or state or federal law. If necessary, this unit will take appropriate disciplinary action to maintain the high standards of the department.

Community Safety Programs

The Larimer County Sheriff's Department invests in various community safety programs aimed at reducing crime and improving the quality of life for residents.

Neighborhood Watch

The Neighborhood Watch program is a cornerstone of the department's community policing strategy. This program encourages residents to take an active role in their own safety by reporting suspicious activity to the Sheriff's Office.

School Resource Officers

School Resource Officers (SROs) are deputies who are stationed in local schools. Their role is to ensure the safety of students and staff, provide education on law enforcement topics, and act as mentors to students.

Drug Education and Prevention

The Sheriff's Office conducts drug education and prevention programs to combat drug abuse in the community. These programs aim to educate the public about the dangers of drug use and provide resources for those struggling with addiction.

Facilities and Equipment

The Larimer County Sheriff's Office operates out of several facilities throughout the county. These include the main office, several substations, and the county jail. The department utilizes modern law enforcement technology and equipment, such as patrol vehicles, communication devices, and investigative tools, to effectively carry out its duties.

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